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Family TML, French Horn Concerts

It has been quite the Summer into Fall! I have had an amazing time writing, acting, and directing in Too Much Blind Makes the Baby Go Blind with The New York Neo-Futurists. While it is usually at a gritty, grown-up 10:30pm on Friday and Saturday nights, this weekend we are having a special Family Edition at 2pm on Saturday October 10th and Sunday October 11th! It's going to be a rollicking fun time for audiences ages 7-700! Click the show poster for details and tickets. <3

I've also been keeping up with my horn playing, too. Last weekend I perfomed in an orchestra backing the Altino Brothers, a virtuositic piano duo that programmed an amnitious program at Carnegie Hall. I love playing there.

Here are some upcoming dates where you can hear me playing horn (click each for details):

Thanks for reading!



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