January 12, 2015

I blacked out and suddenly it was 2015. 


Things are clipping along at a decent pace so far. Here's the skinny: 


  • I have been writing jokes all week to appy to the NBCUniversal Late Night Writer's Workshop with my writing partner Andrea Romano. I am now all out of jokes, completely out, so don't you dare come by and ask to borrow a cup of jokes you lousy neighbor. 

  • I am currently writhing in the throes of my very first music director gig for a New York Neo-Futurists mainstage production called The Human Symphony. It opens January 22nd and runs through February 14th. The talented Dylan Marron (otherwise known as the lovely Carlos the Scientist on Welcome to Night Vale ) is the creator of this ambitious work, and I am so honored to be a part of it. Read more about it and buy your tickets here!

  • Speaking of Welcome to Night Vale, I will be performing on their live show this Friday at the NYU Skirball Center with the amazing Disparition! It is such an honor to be sh...

September 8, 2014

Hello. I have a blog now. This is a blog. See label below. 



If it has a label this fancy it must be true.


So what should the blog of an ambitious young French hornist-slash-comedian-slash-gadabout be about? A smug listing of all my fantastic accomplishments as a freelance musician? Updates about my new indie improv team and how we’re really starting to click and how our coach thinks we’re the funniest when we’re talking about dicks and the clitoris? Cupcake recipes?


It’ll probably be a combination of all three of those things (most likely with fewer cupcake recipes and more talk about genitalia).



And more practical things, such as:

  • Upcoming show dates

  • Any recordings or video that I do that don’t suck

  • Tips on how to build the best shelter to ward off our robot overlords when the Great Robot Rebellion finally happens (one word: magnets)

  • Cupcake recipes? wait i already said that

  • Shout-outs to bands or comedians I think are great

  • My Louis C.K. erotic...

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