September 16, 2014

Imma let Lumpy Space Princess introduce this post.




That’s right, guys. DRAMA BOMB.



Well, not really. Well, sorta. Today I'm gonna talk a little bit about bullying.



Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few decades, you know that bullying is a really serious problem amongst humans, especially younger ones. We are so afraid of people that are different than us or threaten us in some way. Our brains, unfortunately, are wired that way, and it’s hard to avoid being the type of person that ostracizes someone else at some point in your life. At some point, we are all the bad guy.



To be clear: that doesn’t make it okay, or right; women used to die constantly during childbirth because our bodies evolved in a really stupid way for that activity, but then we did something about it and now medicine keeps more shorty-droppin’ ladies alive.


So that they can live on to be smug about their perfect life and pity your Lean Cuisine® and Lime-a-Rita life.


Bullying is sometimes hard to pinpo...

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