October 3, 2014

Can we all just take a minute and soak in the fact that Autumn has arrived? It's just... it's just the best, you guys. <3


Ahem. Anyway. 


So much stuff! Aaaaah! 


Let's do bulletpoints, shall we? 


Upcoming October Performances

  • Next week I am playing in two sold-out performances of Devonté Hynes' score of Palo Alto at The BRIC Theatre in Brooklyn. The film will be screened behind us as we perform the score live! Fancy. 

  • After years of telling myself I would go to New York Comic-Con but then not actually going, I AM FINALLY GOING THIS YEAR! I will be going, however, as a performer! Come hear me sing and play horn with my lovely accompanist Henry Koperski on accordion at David Petersen (creator of Mouse Guard)'s special panel on Thursday at 2:15pm! This panel will also feature readings of Mouse Guard lore by Hal Lublin and Mark Gagliardi. 

  • On October 7th, Zola Jesus is releasing her newest album, Taiga. I played on a recording session for two of the tracks, "Hunger" and "Ego"....

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